As it was getting dark, one could see the stars starting to come out.

I'm already in love with Rayan.

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You are either with us, or against us.

I would like to make a request.

I'm going to call Blaine tomorrow.

Please step aside.

Hsuan's father was a very wise person.

I found the book's exposition shallow.

Tell her I'll come back.

It's hard to get along with Dan.

Where else could I go?


Wilmer's children all look alike.


I was able to buy two for the price of one.

Sylvan has dark hair.

Micky closed his eyes and thought about Lucius.

Lukas says he eats nothing but fruits and vegetables.

Timothy made an apology.


Love moves the world.


It'll be a long wait.

I'm dead if I stay here.

Let me drive you home.

Hail and farewell, brother.

Tie him to a tree.


Please do not add annotations in sentences.

Has the snow stopped yet?

The grass was growing so quickly, it had to be cut every week.


Martyn covered the distance in three hours.


She had no rule of thumb about it, but she got it right every time.

John was married to Jane.

"I don't think Lynne will do what we asked." "Yeah, me neither."

They described the girl as being small.

I've heard that name before.


I suggested to Saify that we should leave early.

I bet I get there before you.

Is something wrong with the way I'm doing this?

What's your take?

I hope Nikolai sticks around.

Please come home with me.

Irfan's a yo-yo dieter, who's lost weight many times, only to put it back on again.


I think you're too sick to go to school.

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Seth was wearing an ugly plaid jacket and a polka-dot tie.

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We know Pria.


What a nonsense he talks.


Werner always laughs at his own jokes, just in case no one else does.

Generally speaking, men find it more difficult to talk about their feelings than women.

He needs the money.

Whose child are you?

It's great to win.

Life's a ruin without you.

Ignore him.


I plan on being there in person.

Do you think it's possible?

The cake is ready to be decorated.

He burped.

We're all stunned.

I don't want to insult Hillel.

I can ask Susumu if you really want to know.

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No matter who says so, I can't believe that.


Look what Edgar got.

Do you want some help or not?

Math is fun.

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She's a dancer.

Socorrito said I didn't get it.

I should've known this.

Ben took me to my favorite restaurant on Park Street.

It's very dusty in here.

During my early teens, I was not always on the best of terms with my parents.

If you come back soon, you may go.

Could I come in for a moment?

Everyone should know this.

Germans are a coffee-drinking people.

Don't resist me.

We saw them yesterday.

Some were farmers, some were hunters.

I don't have the confidence to do that by myself.

I won't waste your time.

I don't really like him, in a nutshell, I think he is an idiot.

I thought it must be something like that.


The bag has two outer pockets.

If you'll just give me some time, I can find that information for you.

Commit this poem to memory.

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What caused the crash?


He spoke very loudly.


"Guess what happened to me today!" "Don't tell me; you found a coin on the ground." "Yes! How did you know?" "That's what you always tell me after you say that."

Underline all the verbs in the future tense in this text.

Please write what you said.


I could only feel pity for what they were enduring.


It's not his idea, it's mine.

The storm was getting worse out in the mountains, making it harder to reach the hikers.

Is he a doctor or a patient?


You can't eat chicken? How do you know if you never try it?

He wants to work in a hospital.

Who can one trust ?

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I can't wait to go.

When was the last time you used a toll road?

Carlo ate lunch in the cafeteria.


In Asian culture it's customary to take one's shoes off before entering a house or temple.


I met her on the street.


Vidhyanath thought he was finished, but Murph told him that he wasn't.

We've already published these pictures.

He called on me yesterday.

Tobias isn't a stamp collector.

I'm having a heart attack.

He ran into the room with his hat and overcoat on.

I can't pay them today.

This is an instructive book.

They should've known that this would happen.

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The rumor spread all over the town.


Are you saying that Mason can't understand French at all?

How does it benefit a person to be beautiful?

Might is right.

You had better not do that.

I'd rather die than do that.

You have dirty feet.

You talk about Malus too much.

They planted bombs outside our homes.

We should draw the line between public and private affairs.

Nicolette is from Australia.

Do you know what benzyl acetate smells like?

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Ahh, silly me, I've messed up again.


Christie is a mechanic.

Let us know when you'll be coming to Boston.

You deserve a salary hike.

One thing I've always wanted to do is go camping with my family.

Can't they speak Italian?


The sponge takes in a lot of water.


My Thunderbird sorts notification e-mails from Tatoeba into three different folders without my having asked it to do so.

I think I've been brainwashed.

Who wrote this sentence?

She has a brilliant future.

You shall receive two certificates of achievement.

They walked slowly towards Samir.

The train arrived ten minutes late.


Elaine almost choked on his tea.

What else can you tell me?

I'm not sleeping well currently and now have rings under the eyes.

Has he read this article?

What kind of man was he?


Only the elected President may deliver an opening address.

The soldiers were wearing steel helmets.

When I was young, the hippest thing a kid could own was a transistor radio.

I'd like you to look into it.

Price and Alberto hit it off from day one.


Juri didn't write Blair back.


Lord didn't belong here anyway.


Don't go in that room.

American manufacturers have added more than 500,000 jobs since January 2012, the strongest period of job growth since 1989.

If the weather is fine, we will go for a trip to the countryside tomorrow.


Let me take you to the hospital.

Ilya came to see you yesterday.

Did Stefan see anything?

I've seen this movie at least three times already.

This job will mean moving to another city.

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Don't worry. I'll look after your dog for you.

Had I known that you would be so happy about this bike, I would have gotten you one much earlier!

I am concerned for her.

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"Will it rain?" "It's hard to say."